Sigillum Dei AemethEnochian is claimed to be an angelic language first published by Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly in the 16th Century. It consists of less than a thousand words, which appear in 19 symbolic poems, called "keys" - the 19th being the one that opens door to the 30 aethyrs. This links to its main purpose: Enochian Magick - a very complex, and risky yet effective system that plays a key role in modern Magick. Everybody, who ever read any Crowley biography, will surely remember his experience with a certain entity called Choronzon. ;-)

Check out the basic articles on Wikipedia, Thelemapedia and the Enochian alphabet.

Very nicely produced website with a good selection of quality Enochian texts and scans from the original manuscripts and other writings. You can also download the font there.

If you are interested in Enochian Magick this site is a must see. For the last decade or so, this site has shown some of Ben Rowe's work. More than 20 years ago he started doing extensive work with the Enochian system of Hermetic magic.

Enochian home pages of Gerald J. Schueler. A site that had been around for many years and then I lost the link, so refresh this to one of the PDFs. Always consider buying a book if you appreciate the effort the author has put into it.

Enochian Magick Papers & links. Another excellent site filled with interesting essays by Josh Norton, aka Benjamin Rowe.

Nice collection of writings from people line Ben Rowe, David Jones, incl selections from the Thelema Lodge Calendar from the late 1980s. Thelema Lodge, OTO had a group called "The Center for Enochian Studies" led by David Jones. Hosted on the excellent hermetic.com archive.