AL II,46: Dost thou fail? Art thou sorry? Is fear in thine heart?

Welcome to 'The 93 Current', a thelemic resource page in its second incarnation!

I first launched the site back in 1996ev. At that time there was already a very active thelemic internet community in place and many different sites from individuals or thelemic groups appeared. Communities were still very much based on mailing list and newsgroups, the origin or lineage of different groups fighting with each other was not always very clear and most sites only linked to a relatively small number of selected other sites of related groups and individuals. What was lacking back then was one page that linked these various sites together and provided a bit of a one-stop-shop and this is where this site came in. I believe it is fair to say that at that time 'The 93 Current' was a useful addition to the web and received some recognition. Over time however, more and more quality websites appeared, communities transitioned over to "web 2.0" and the very manual process of my work made less and less sense, so I stopped updating the project around 2002ev.

Six years later, with far superior websites around, I still find many sites linking to this place, leaving visitors with the disappointment to not find any up-to-date content and I decided to bring 'The 93 Current' back online. It will remain a small personal project with two core areas:

My personal selection of links to other sites related to Thelema in various categories shown in the left sidebar or below each link. This collection will be updated manually every now and then. The updates section or the Main RSS Feed or feed at the bottom of each sub category allow you to keep track of any changes or additions either overall or just specific to that particular category.
A number of automated feeds from different other websites - again, sorted into different categories. The last seven of the two main categories are shown in the right sidebar as well for easy access. Again, at the bottom of each page you can subscribe to the particular RSS feed.

Worth to point out that I neither take credit or responsibility for any content, nor am I necessarily in agreement with opinions expressed on any of those external websites. See my legal disclaimer for more on this topic. Also, of course the list of links and feeds shown on this site can never give a complete picture and will remain nothing other than my personal selection, but for any suggestions, questions, comments or just general chat, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment in my Guestbook if you like.

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