Aleister Crowley's "The Tango Song" performed live by Marc Almond and OTHON 01 Nov 2009ev

I just felt like sharing this small video I recorded at yesterdays Marc Almond show at the Roundhouse in Camden, London. "The Tango Song" was written by Aleister Crowley with music by Bernard Page; based on the sketch called "The Tango" published in Equinox Vol I, No 9 in March 1913. Pay special attention to 2:30 ;-)

"What is money to the bliss
Of the honey of a kiss?
What are rank and fame and fashion
To the ecstasy of passion?

Give me dancing!
Give me wine!
Bright eyes glancing ---
Yours in mine!
Kisses sucking
Up my breath ---
Give me passion!

The Stélé is still ok ;-)

Just wanted to share a picture with you that I took last Saturday, 28th Feb 2009 e.v. in Cairo. As you can see, the stélé (Translation) is still in great condition.

For the few of you, who may not know it yet, it is located in room 22 of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. That particular room has funerary objects from the valley of the kings, including a good dozen or so different stelae of which the Stélé of Revealing really stands out in terms of beauty, size and condition of the colours.

"Get the stélé of revealing itself; set it in thy secret temple - and that temple is already aright disposed - & it shall be your Kiblah for ever." - AL, III:10

Getting started ...

Ok, the days are getting shorter and it's getting cold outside, so no more excuse for not finally moving ahead with the revival of this website.

I'm still sorting out some technical details, but already started to add the first links to the collection. With my professional life being insanely busy, it will surely take me another few weeks, before you will find a reasonable number of links, so I would recommend to come back early january, but feel free to already have a look around. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I may work on a revival of the site again.


Thanks for visiting 'The 93 Current' website.

Some may remember this site as a hopefully useful source of information on all the different thelemic currents out there. Well, until I stopped updating the site about 5 years ago and took it off-line some months ago.

I commented on the various reasons in the past. For the moment let it be known that I am currently thinking about a revival of the site and am working on a concept and the required technical details.

If I will actually kick off this project again, I can already tell you that it will be kinda small. Core item of the site will be the URL collection again, like it used to be. I have no intention whatsoever to turn this into a larger project in competion with the great quality websites like

Anyway, for now there is nothing more to say and alot of work to be done, so stay tuned. I don't expect a launch until later in 2008 e.v.

93 93/93

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