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A collection of texts and sites relating to Hermeticism in a broad sense. Includes works of Sam Webster, Bill Heidrick, Bejamin Rowe, Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare and many, many others. By far the best collection and an absolutely must read. Content:

The Libri of Aleister Crowley, Sam Webster: Initiate of the Mysteries, Corpus Stavish, The Magick and Mysticism of Bill Heidrick, The Enochian World of Benjamin Rowe, Hakim Bey and Ontological Anarchy, Austin Osman Spare, T Polyphilus: Vigorous Food & Divine Madness, The Invisible Basilica of Sabazius, Norton's Imperium - Enochian Magick, The Works of Frater Osiris, Casa del Campo, Forms Papyri Graecae Magicae, The Sacred Texts, Received Wisdom, An Enochian Miscellany, A Collection of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, and Gnostic Mass Materials, Commentaries on Liber Al ...

There is probably little to say about this. Thelemapedia is the "wikipedia-like" encyclopedia of Thelema and Magick focusing on the works and philosophy of Aleister Crowley. Yet another excellent project of the Scarlet Woman Lodge. Hundreds of articles to get you started.

Right now I'm aware of two forks (some content has been copied and/or modified under license from the aforementioned site) of Thelemapedia of some significance: The Free Encyclopedia of Thelema and LAShTAL.com's version, the Encyclopedia Thelemica.

The US Grand Lodge website is the most comprehensive of the official OTO sites. You find pretty much everything there: membership information, articles on the history and general introductions on Thelema, the thelemic calendar and more. Make sure you pay the libary a visit, where you can find a wealth of documents and the archive of the newsletter Agapé.

Excellent collection of Libri and some other writing of Uncle Al. Hosted on the excellent hermetic.com archive. Alternatively, and in some ways often in superior quality, you may also visit the OTO libri archive.

Includes an electronic edition of the magazine published by the A.'.A.'. from 1905 onwards. The volumes of this magazine are actually more like very comprehensive books and include all the major texts used in the A.'.A.'., many of general relevance to the O.T.O. or any other student of Thelema. Besides rituals, class A-D documents, these often also contain poetry, fiction, plays, artwork, and biographies written by Crowley, Fuller, Neuburg and many others: "The Method of Science - The Aim of Religion".

Unoffical archive of essays and materials relating to the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C.) and the Gnostic Mass. This site is intended to serve as a resource for those interested in the E.G.C., the Gnostic Mass, and in Thelema, with writings by Sabazius, Dionysos Thriambos nd others. It's hosted on hermetic.com.

The three volumes(1905-1907), as well as other literary books and pamphlets that first appeared between 1898 and 1946. Since the early days of the web generously Made available to the public, for free, unrestricted download by the OTO. Taken together, these additional works constitute most of a fourth volume of the Collected Works series. This is an updated link since the original page ceased to exist.

Ambergris (1910). Amphora (1908), reissued as Hail Mary (1912). Chicago May. A Love Poem (1914). The City of God. A Rhapsody (1943). Clouds without Water (1909). The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley. Volume I (1905). The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley. Volume II (1906). The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley. Volume III (1907). The Fun of the Fair (1942). La Gauloise, The Song of the Free French (1942). Household Gods (1912). Mortadello, or the Angel of Venice (1912). Olla, an Anthology of Sixty Years of Song (1946). The Rites of Eleusis (1910), program booklet. Rosa Mundi (1905); Rosa Coeli (1907); Rosa Inferni (1907). The Rosicrucian Scandal (c. 1910). The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz (Bagh-i-muattar) (1910). Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden (1904). Songs for Italy (1923). Temperance. A Tract for the Times (1939). Thumbs Up: A Pentagram -- A Pantacle to Win the War (1941). White Stains (1898). The Winged Beetle (1910). The World’s Tragedy (1910)

The Arcane Archives contain literally hundreds of documents and there is also some really interesting analytical artwork on the Tree of Light. Just to list a few areas and authors, you will find there:
Egyptian Myth Hermetic Kabbalah Alchemy John Dee Rosicrucian Tarot Aleister Crowley Occult Fiction Yoga Helena P. Blavatsky Theosophy Eliphas Levi Paschal Beverly Randolph Golden Dawn W.W. Westcott S.L. MacGregor Mathers A.E. Waite William Butler Yeats Dion Fortune J.F.C. Fuller Frater Achad Austin Osman Spare Benjamin Rowe Witchcraft

If you are looking for decent PDF copies of many libri and other writings, then this is the place for you. The site has a basic FTP look and feel, but don't be put off by that. It actually works quite well with download managers. Also worth to point out that this seems to be run by or at least holds contact information for the UR-OTO, a group I have no first hand experience with.

Freely available archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics. Most documents have a basic HTML format, but are searchable, put into categories and if you wish you can buy the whole archive on DVD.

The 'Ape of Thoth' is a general-purpose text search engine whose database consists of Thelemic Holy Books and other verse-based works by Aleister Crowley. The search methods provide instant access to the documents or just particular verses or a full-text search.