I may work on a revival of the site again.


Thanks for visiting 'The 93 Current' website.

Some may remember this site as a hopefully useful source of information on all the different thelemic currents out there. Well, until I stopped updating the site about 5 years ago and took it off-line some months ago.

I commented on the various reasons in the past. For the moment let it be known that I am currently thinking about a revival of the site and am working on a concept and the required technical details.

If I will actually kick off this project again, I can already tell you that it will be kinda small. Core item of the site will be the URL collection again, like it used to be. I have no intention whatsoever to turn this into a larger project in competion with the great quality websites like LAShTAL.com.

Anyway, for now there is nothing more to say and alot of work to be done, so stay tuned. I don't expect a launch until later in 2008 e.v.

93 93/93