This small archive of photos showing McMurty has been put together by Jerry Cornelius.

Homepage of Sabazius X°, who became the first X° under Hymenaeus Beta XII° on the 30th of March 1996 e.v. You can find some his essays, a fewe E.G.C. rituals, his weblog and more.

Hosted ohn Jerry Cornelius website this is a very comprehensive collection of poems Of Grady, aka Hymenaeus Alpha, the second caliph of OTO, who re-activated the order.

Among other things he is a Gnostic Catholic bishop through O.T.O.'s E.G.C. and Bertiaux's lineage, but is no longer a member of the OTO or EGC since 2006. His website contains a statement outlining his version, but more importantly some of his other writings. He is now a bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis.

Personal blog of Jerry Cornelius, who is probably best know for his thelemic research journal called Red Flame and now Cornelia. Initiated by McMurtry he used to be a long time member of the OTO. He is known to be behind one AA lineage. A click on the contents page will also show you many of Grady McMurtry's writings.

Musician, media evangelist and author Bro. Rodney Orpheus is probably one of the few, if not the only OTO member, that probably knows more than 90% of its members personally. Those interested in Thelema probably know him best through his excellent beginners guide Abrahadabra. He also runs an occult blog of the name abrahadabra. From his musical work, although he is probably best known for his Cassandra Complex work, I'd rather like to recomment the excellent Sun God album, a conceptual record inspired by Voodoo and the movies of Maya Deren in particular.

Personal homepage od the co-founder of the Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn. Basically a collection of links to his other sites, along with some of his writings and music.

Claims to be illegitimate son of Aleister Crowley and even more suprisingly to have been trained by his father. The site contains a free download of his Liber Alba, effectively an FAQ.