Typhonian OTO

"Typhonian" Ordo Templi Orientis - this is not an official TOTO site, but a subsite of P.R. Koenig's OTO Phenomenon site (see my comment on the OTO subsite). Nevertheless it contains various texts by TOTO (Michael Staley, Simon Hinton & others). TOTO was founded, re-activated or however you prefer to put it by Kenneth Grant, who claimed since 1962 e.v. to be OHO (Outer Head of Order) of OTO, but was expelled by Karl Germer, Crowley's successor, in 1955 e.v. On this site you will also find a disputed document, said to be written by Crowley, making Kenneth Grant OHO of OTO along with Michael Staley's official response to this document and some of their account of OTO history, e.g. the point that Germer might have claimed to have expelled Grant, but by his own refusal to accept the OHO position, had no authority to do so. This is however surprising as Grant seems to have accepted and referred to Germer's authority before.

Regardless of this and the court decision in the UK Trademark Case it is an undisputed fact that Grant and the others transformed this order into something very different from the Crowley OTO with their higher focus on the Typhonian tradition, extra terrestial intelligence, LAM, Horus/Maat Double Current and darker aspects of the occult existence. Far less focus on group rituals or ceremonial initiations replaced by some small set of grade work and effectively self initiation that together with Grant's books surely is of interest to some.