Society O.T.O. (SOTO)

This is the homepage of the David Bersson's SOTO. Society Ordo Templi Orientis was founded by Marcelo Ramos Motta, an A.'.A.'. member, who claimed to be OHO (Outer Head of Order) of OTO after Karl Germer's death even though he never was a member of the OTO. All based on statement made after Karl Germer's death by his Sascha, who had no authority in this matter and by the way soon changed her preference to Metzger. Motta lost (as defendant) in a lawsuit against the often OTO and died in 1987ev. In his last will and testament he named a triumvirate to be responsible for SOTO. After his death this triumvirate (Claudia Canuto de Menezes, William Robert Barden and David Ben Stone) failed to determine Motta's successor. The result was a schism: Bersson (aka Frater Sphinx, de Menezes' lover and highest ranking officers of SOTO at the time of Motta's death) claimed to be head of SOTO after de Menezes distanced herself from Barden, who then ran his own SOTO, and Stone. As for David Bersson and his SOTO, my only recommendation is to be very careful and that is as impartial as it gets.