The Holy Order of RaHoorKhuit is working in the tradition of Motta's SOTO. It was founded as a new outer Order of Thelema in 1992ev after things didn't work out very well in SOTO pretty much right after Motta's death in 1987 and thereafter. To put it in HOOR's own words from the 'Preliminary Thoughts' document: "Another organization [editor: This is SOTO] formerly filled this niche but owing to the great schisms of the late 1980's ev that order no longer serves Us and has, it seems, fallen". Anyway, according to the same document, HOOR works in harmony with the A.'.A.'. lineage, which in this case is the 'Ray Eales [aka 939] lineage' (via Motta), which is little surprising considering his overseer role in HOOR.